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2018 Shanghai international advertising logo, led and digital signage exhibition opened yesterday

Shanghai, September 20, 2018/AP/-- on September 19, the 16th Shanghai international advertising logo exhibition, the 14th Shanghai International LED exhibition and the 10th Shanghai International Digital Signage exhibition were warmly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. At the opening ceremony, there was a roar of gongs and drums, with the help of a lion dance team. The audience was endless and lively

lion dance

the exhibits cover the whole industry chain, and the number of overseas buyers has reached a new high

this exhibition has gathered thousands of exhibitors, with an exhibition area of 100000 square meters. It gathers the latest products in the traditional advertising identification industry and the digital identification field. The products mainly cover laser engraving equipment, indoor and outdoor digital printing consumables, identification signs, digital printing, LED display screens and other supporting products, LED light source lighting and digital signs, Compare with the new products of the industry and show the cutting-edge technology

site conditions

on the first day of the exhibition, the site attracted a total of 65221 visitors from 89 countries and regions, including the United States, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia, Russia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Singapore, etc., including industry experts, purchasers, agents, advertising companies, manufacturers, etc

more than 70 associations and industry organizations from South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and China, including Shanghai, Taiwan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shaanxi and Heilongjiang, actively organized groups to visit

there were a lot of wonderful activities on site, attracting people to stop.

UBM trust, the organizer of the exhibition, is a subsidiary of Bowen group. This time, it joined hands with China Advertising Association to make the first show of China's most representative and authoritative Advertising Awards - "China advertising Great Wall Award" and "China public service advertising Yellow River Award" at the conference site. A total of more than 200 selected shortlisted works were displayed

on the first day of FSA, there were three conferences: digital signage application and Digital Marketing Innovation Summit, designer theater, industry report and trend release. The summit provides end users, advertising companies, system integrators, designers, professional sellers, media and other industry insiders with face-to-face opportunities to learn and exchange future development trends of the industry

an endless stream of visitors

China's first exhibition area for the development history of traditional advertising signs, led and digital signs appeared at the exhibition site. Through the major events affecting the development of the industry after the reform and opening up of ancient and modern advertising, the exhibition area starts from eight chapters, including "printing equipment", "digital printing equipment and consumables", "engraving machine light", "word bending machine and accessories", "identification light box", "exhibition and display equipment and pop", "neon lights and advertising light sources", "led and digital signs", and combines the 16 year development history of the exhibition, Let visitors from all over the world know the growth path of advertising logo, led and digital logo industries in China, and witness the development path and brand style of industry enterprises

pre registration is hot

open up a new world. Next year, Pengcheng will meet again.

Wenxin exhibition will listen to exhibitors' voices through multi-party research, respond to the call of the "the Belt and Road" and open a new Shenzhen station. At that time, it will be a year of double stops, dedicated to providing new platforms for exhibitors and exploring new markets. The 17th Shenzhen international advertising logo exhibition, the 15th Shenzhen International LED exhibition and the 11th Shenzhen International Digital Signage exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from February 21 to February 23, 2019

Wenxin will continue to take promoting the internationalization of the industry as its purpose, continue to bring broader business opportunities to the participants, provide better services, never forget the original intention and create new achievements

London, September 20, 2018/AP/-- brand and entertainment consulting and production studio sunshine has been invested by entrepreneurs Mike Dolan and Adam Zhu and Chinese brand consulting company xuanya

al maccuish, kit Hawkins, Jenna Barnet, Mel exon and ED warren

the company headquartered in London and Los Angeles cooperates with luxury, fashion and leisure brands that want to expand from traditional marketing to entertainment, as well as copyright owners who want to expand their brand portfolio

in the past five years, the company has established a world-class reputation, providing customers such as Gucci and grey goose with long or short forms of content, on-site experience and entertainment plans

taking advantage of the opportunity of year-on-year growth of 45% in 2017, and recently winning the businesses of Balmain, Harrods, h&m studios, ESPRIT, the modist, Sennheiser, BBC studios and grey goose, the company is pursuing accelerated growth and global business expansion

the company will pay special attention to improving the ability of sunshine in Asia to serve customers in the region, and begin to cooperate with Asian brands to support their development in other markets, especially in North America and Europe

Kit Hawkins, co-founder of sunshine, said: "we are very glad to have successfully completed the first round of financing with an experienced and dynamic team. We have found real and common strategic value in them. This investment has verified the new model of brands and entertainment companies."

Jenna Barnet, President of sunshine, said: "the dynamic changes in on-demand entertainment and technology in Los Angeles have created great opportunities for fashion, luxury and leisure brands to participate in the market in new ways."

the company has recently CO produced a nine episode entertainment series for grey goose, hosted by Jamie Foxx. Guests include Dwayne Johnson, Denzel Washington, Chadwick boseman and Melissa McCarthy. It has become the most successful brand content series so far on Facebook watch, which can also start early warning and troubleshooting at any time. Sunshine recently CO produced an interactive music video directed by Jake Nava for barman, starring Mila Jovovich, Daphne Guinness and Sergei polunin

Michael Dolan, former CEO of Bacardi limited, said: "we are at a very interesting moment for the entertainment industry and marketing industry. These people have established a real mixed team and model. Their work is not only valuable, but also a clean stream."

before joining Bacardi, Mr. Dolan served as the chairman and CEO of img worldwide, responsible for the formulation and implementation of the company's global growth strategy, leading img's expansion into high growth markets, including China, India, Brazil and Turkey, and expanding into new business areas. In may2014, he completed the sale of img to a consortium formed by WME and Silver Lake Partners

zhuadam, who recently served as the special adviser to the president and CEO of Bacardi Co., Ltd. in Greater China, said: "sunshine focuses on cooperating with media and copyright owners to bring long-term brand thinking and strategy to their entertainment industry, which is both wise and closely related to the Chinese market."

before joining Bacardi, Mr. Zhu was a shareholder, chairman and CEO of img Greater China, and served as the vice chairman of img Asia Pacific (years). From 2007 to 2011, Mr. Zhu served as the managing director of the investment banking business of Bank of America Merrill Lynch and the head of Merrill Lynch's Beijing Representative Office. Mr. Zhu is also the chairman of Beijing Weiwei Sports Culture Co., Ltd

zhangxiubing, CEO and chairman of xuanya international brand management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., who is responsible for leading xuanya's Investment Affairs, said: "sunshine's methods and concepts are completely different from traditional marketing thinking. Therefore, they provide a huge opportunity for enterprises to gain competitive advantage in the Chinese market."

xuanya currently has nearly 400 professionals focusing on different public relations fields, combining international expertise with local experience. Headquartered in Beijing, xuanya has branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Changsha. It is a listed company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

the electronic components trading market has gradually entered the peak season. Major IC manufacturers and stores have launched a variety of marketing activities to attract customers and strive for a new height of performance

Huaqiang's flagship device procurement ceremony was opened, and other good gifts were given to them.

from September 10 to October 31, 2018, the third "" activity of Huaqiang Electronics was grandly opened. The event was hosted by "Huaqiang flagship", a one-stop electronic components trading platform under Huaqiang group. With the theme of "annual heavy benefits of the whole station price reduction", the price of components throughout the station was not only reduced, but new and old customers could also enjoy activities such as zero threshold free mailing, Jingdong shopping card at full amount, channel discount, points exchange gift, etc; New members can also get 100 free for the first order over 1000, 100 free for every 10000 and double points

on the basis of the free on demand activity, the "who is the king of purchasing" activity was launched for the first time in the procurement ceremony, and the iPhone XS Max was given to the highest accumulated full purchase amount. The activity has a lower threshold, larger scale and stronger strength, allowing the vast number of IC purchasers to experience the convenience and benefits of online components trading, and boosting the consumption boom in the IC market

six highlights: unprecedented preferential support

compared with the previous two events, this year's "10.8 component procurement ceremony" showed the following six new highlights:

first, the prices of products throughout the station have been lowered, and IC procurement is affordable. You are welcome to compare prices

second, the "zero threshold free shipping" has become an important selling point. During the event, no mail free threshold is set for any order shipped by the flagship, and the

limit the number and weight of shipping, so that the purchasing staff will no longer worry about the freight

third, the "full rebate" will be upgraded, and the whole audience can participate in the "cumulative full rebate" activity, with a maximum of 6000 yuan of JD shopping card. At the same time, if the accumulated actual purchase payment reaches 880000/1080000, you can also get additional iPhone xr/iphone XS max

fourth, the "multiple benefits for new members" are coming. In addition to free mailing and free gifts, new members can also enjoy 100 free gifts for every 1000 yuan of the first order, 100 free gifts for every 10000 yuan of the first order, and double points. All prizes can reach up to 10000 yuan in total

fifth, the "brand special offer" is continuing, with a 20% discount for arrow and a 9.5% discount for genuine

sixth, the "points mall" has been launched. All purchased products can get double points. Points can be directly exchanged for popular gifts, including iPhone x, Xiaomi Xiaoai speakers, etc

according to the organizer, the duration of this procurement event will last for 9 or 10 months, and the intensity of the event will continue to increase according to the actual participation. It is recommended that users communicate with customer service as much as possible when placing orders, so as to obtain more discounts and gifts

the agency of the original factory helps the IC competition.

in recent years, with the rapid replacement of consumer electronics, electronic manufacturing enterprises have tried every means to improve their rapid purchasing ability, so as to respond more timely to the demand for fast-paced finished products in the terminal market. Therefore, the electronic components market needs more transparent price and inventory information, more convenient transaction methods, faster delivery cycle, more thoughtful professional services, and a more comprehensive information platform

in this context, "Huaqiang flagship", a one-stop electronic component trading platform under Huaqiang group, came into being and began to

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