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2018 smart streetlights seminar helps popularize smart streetlights yesterday, marvel smart 2018 new product launch and smart streetlights seminar was grandly held in Shenzhen Fulin hotel. The conference gathered celebrities to discuss the development trend and future cooperation prospects of the smart streetlights industry. As an important partner of Marvel intelligence, perhaps the driverless car of Talon intelligence needs such a round transparent window to realize an all-round and endless road inspection. Mr. haoguangjun, general manager of Xianxian Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., was also invited to participate in the in-depth exchange of technology and experience with on-site personnel after long-term contact with ethylene glycol at 135 ° C (275 ° f), Witness the coming golden age of smart street lamp development

thanks to the rapid development of today's smart city, it is estimated that the smart city project will create a value of US $320billion for China's economy by 2025. As one of the effective entry paths for the construction of smart cities, smart street lamps, coupled with the demand for small base stations in the 5g era, will bring about a new market of hundreds of billions. In the meantime, as an indispensable display carrier of smart street lamps, LED lamp pole screen is bound to usher in a new round of development dividends and build a "bridge" to help the construction of smart cities

in this exchange meeting, Mr. haoguangjun, general manager of Tailong Zhixian, took "focusing on LED lamp pole screen and helping the comprehensive popularization of smart street lamps" as the starting point, deeply analyzed the competitive advantages, evolution direction and industry development positioning of Tailong Zhixian in the field of LED lamp pole screen with the guests present, and won applause from the guests present. With its unique innovation perspective and accurate positioning of the market, Tailong Zhixian has further integrated into the smart street lamp ecosystem, cooperated with the industry, and jointly opened a new era of "interconnection + sharing + intelligence"

at the same time, the seminar also conducted in-depth experience exchange on the smart street lamp project in Pingshan District, Shenzhen. It is understood that the LED pole screen used in this project is provided by Talon smart display. The design is not only simple and generous, but also novel and beautiful to further improve the market competitiveness. In addition, the display color is very rich, and the image quality is high-definition and exquisite. It complements the surrounding environment and becomes a beautiful landscape. The completion of this project not only promotes the application of smart street lamps in smart cities, speeds up the transformation and upgrading of urban information infrastructure, but also highlights the product strength of Tailong Zhixian in the field of smart street lamps

in addition, as a service provider of LED smart terminal products, Tailong Zhixian's LED lamp pole and screen products have participated in many smart street lamp transformation projects across the country. At present, it has established long-term strategic alliances with ZTE, Huawei, Haikang, Dahua, Poly Group, Wei Ming and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad. It not only has relatively mature project construction experience, but also has an eye-catching performance in the market, which undoubtedly injects a shot in the arm for Tailong Zhixian to speed up the layout of smart street lamps

Mr. haoguangjun also mentioned that intelligent terminal products such as Tailong Zhixian LED light pole screen have made breakthroughs and upgrades in outdoor highlight (7000CD), high-definition energy saving, intelligent cluster control, automatic brightness adjustment, intelligent monitoring, wireless management, intelligent temperature control, etc., and have evolved their maturity, availability and innovation with their strong R & D strength, In the near future, it will launch the fully cast aluminum structure LED lamp pole screen terminal product, which has been carefully prepared for two years. While subverting the tradition, it will also make innovation keep pace with the times, create excellence, and arouse the resonance of the industry for innovation

it is worth mentioning that after this event, facing the new wave of the development of smart street lamps, Tailong Zhixian will follow the global thinking mode, exhaust the current new materials, new technologies, new functions and new ideas, make its own products lighter, more energy-saving, more intelligent, more beautiful and cheaper, and strike the main melody at any time, With more competitive LED intelligent terminal products, we will explore this market space of 100 billion level

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