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2018 lead industry keyword inventory

in 2018, Yunnan Province will take a variety of positive measures to accelerate the issuance of pollutant discharge permits for non-ferrous metal industry, improve the quality of pollutant discharge permit issuance, and carry out post permit management to ensure the quality and efficiency of the province's pollutant discharge permit management

in terms of accelerating the issuance of pollutant discharge licenses for non-ferrous metal industry, Yunnan Province will complete the application for pollutant discharge licenses for eight smelting industrial enterprises using primary ores as raw materials, including aluminum, Gong, nickel, tin, magnesium, antimony, titanium and cobalt, and the environmental protection department with the authority to issue pollutant discharge licenses for the above eight smelting industries should complete the issuance of pollutant discharge licenses by June 30, 2018..

2 Coding standard

in order to ensure that the industry standard can be widely used after its launch and effectively improve the industry informatization level, after full discussion and repeated demonstration in the early stage, the Institute has cooperated with Shanghai Institute of quality and standardization since 2012 and successively launched two phases of "promoting the pilot application of automatic identification technology in non-ferrous metal delivery warehouses and registered production enterprises". With the active cooperation of industrial chain enterprises, through pilot practice, evaluation and demonstration, improvement and improvement, a coding standard widely recognized by the industry has finally been formed

3 but the sample elongation error is large), the listing benchmark price

according to the relevant contents of the notice on the launch of new varieties of standard warehouse receipts in the previous period (SHF [2018] No. 260) issued by the exchange on October 10, 2018, the listing benchmark price of standard warehouse receipts of lead, zinc, tin and nickel is hereby notified as follows:

4 The resolution of the deformation measurement of the experimental machine refers to the minimum measurable precision of the measurement data of the photoelectric encoder of the experimental machine. The benchmark hanging price is 18735 yuan/ton

On October 25, the Ministry of Finance announced that in order to further simplify the tax system and improve the export tax rebate policy, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation adjusted the export tax rebate rate of value-added tax on some products

the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: first, the export tax rebate rate of photographic paper, film, plastic products, bamboo flooring, grass and rattan woven products, tempered safety glass, lamps and other products will be increased to 16%. The export tax rebate rate for lubricants, aircraft tyres, carbon fiber, some metal products and other products will be increased to 13%. According to the information from the Ministry of industry and information, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the three-year action plan for improving the quality of raw material industry (year), which requires that the quality of raw material products in China will be significantly improved by 2020, Some medium and high-end products have entered the global supply chain system, the supply structure has been optimized, and the supply side structural reform of the raw material industry has achieved positive results. In the non-ferrous industry, the quality uniformity of non-ferrous materials used in key areas such as high-tech ships, advanced rail transit, energy conservation and new energy vehicles has been improved, and the effective supply capacity of medium and high-end products has been enhanced. The overall quality level of non-ferrous metal products has been improved, and the comprehensive support capacity of aviation aluminum, copper plate and strip and other intensive processing products has exceeded 70%

6. Peak shifting production

it is learned from the environmental pollution prevention and Control Office of Henan province that from November 15, 2018 to March 15, 2019, the iron and steel, coking, casting, building materials, nonferrous metals, pharmaceutical (pesticide) and other industries in Henan Province will implement differentiated peak shifting production. Those meeting the exemption conditions for peak shifting production shall be exempted from peak shifting in principle, and the "one size fits all" approach is strictly prohibited

7. Lead carbon battery

according to media reports, linhaibo team of the school of chemistry of Jilin University took the lead in preparing high-performance battery grade carbon material from rice husk in the world, and developed a high cost-effective lead carbon battery with this material, whose performance reached the international advanced level. Recently, this scientific research achievement has built a production line of 100 ton super capacitor carbon and 1000 ton battery carbon. Lead-acid battery is one of the most widely used batteries. Compared with traditional lead-acid battery, its performance index is significantly improved. Lead carbon battery is called a new generation of lead-acid battery, which is the research hotspot in the field of lead-acid battery in the world. Compared with ordinary lead-acid battery, lead-carbon battery has the advantages of 6 times longer cycle life, 8 times faster charging speed and 3 times higher discharge power. At the same time, it has the advantage of low cost if the oil hole of buffer is blocked. This achievement has realized a complete industrial chain of rice husk based battery carbon materials, lead carbon batteries and product applications, and will promote the further development of automotive start stop power supply, automotive hybrid power and energy storage

8. Excess supply in the lead market

the report released by the international lead and Zinc Research Group (ILZSG) shows that in 2018, the global demand for refined lead is expected to exceed the supply of 123000 tons, and the refined lead market is expected to turn into an excess of 50000 tons next year. ILZSG said that the global demand for refined zinc will exceed the supply of 322000 tons this year, and the supply gap will narrow to 72000 tons in 2019. The organization said that the global demand for refined lead this year is expected to increase by 0.2% to 11.71 million tons, and the demand in 2019 may increase by 0.7% to 11.79 million tons. In 2018, the global demand for refined zinc is expected to increase by 0.4% to 13.74 million tons. In 2019, the demand may rise by 1.1% to 13.88 million tons

9. Supply shortage

the world Bureau of Metal Statistics (WBMs) released a report on Thursday, showing that the global lead market had a supply shortage of 278000 tons in 2018 and 394000 tons in 2017

by the end of October, the total inventory had decreased by 58000 tons compared with the end of 2017. In 2018, the global refined lead (primary lead and recycled lead) output was 9.376 million tons, an increase of 0.9% over the same period in 2017. In June, China's apparent demand was 4.023 million tons, a decrease of 32000 tons compared with the same period last year, equivalent to more than 41% of the total global demand. Compared with the daily maintenance measures of concrete pressure testing machine, the monthly apparent demand in the United States decreased by 18000 tons in the same period of 2017. In october2018, the global refined lead output was 989000 tons and the consumption was 1023900 tons

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