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2018 International (Xuzhou) sensor and IOT industry summit was held in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. On October 16-17, 2018 International (Xuzhou) sensor table, under the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology, hosted by Xuzhou Municipal People's government, organized by Xuzhou high tech Industrial Development Zone and China sensor and IOT industry alliance, was held in Xuzhou high tech Zone with IOT Industry Summit under various bending stress levels. With the theme of IOT Vientiane and perception of the future, the conference gave full play to the concept of innovation, integration, coordination and development, and invited leaders of ministries and commissions, academicians and experts from all sides, domestic and foreign industry organizations, well-known entrepreneurs in the industry to gather together to make suggestions and seek common development around the themes of domestic and foreign sensor industry development trends, industrial ecology, industrial cluster construction and so on

sensor, as a key component of automatic intelligent equipment and a terminal tool for IOT information collection, is the foundation and core of the development of intelligent manufacturing. The sensor industry is in a golden period of rapid development, and the global sensor market is expected to reach trillion by 2025

the summit held the opening ceremony of the sensor Industrial Park and the launching ceremony of the operation of the sensor industry fund, which opened a new stage in which Xuzhou's sensor and IOT industries highlighted the integrated development, improved the development environment and accelerated industrial agglomeration. At the same time, five chapters were held, including sensitive components and sensor technology, industrial sensors and applications, artificial intelligence and industrial big data, 3D technology and virtual reality, technological innovation and achievement transformation. Six academicians led in-depth exchanges with industry experts and well-known enterprises at home and abroad on the cutting-edge technologies of the sensor and IOT industry

as an important part of China's national innovation system, Xuzhou high tech Zone is a key innovation node in the eastern part of the country built by the Ministry of science and technology, a regional industrial science and technology innovation center and a modern industrial manufacturing base built by Jiangsu Province. It has a good industrial development space and a solid industrial development foundation. The industrial system is complete. It has formed a 134n modern industrial system characterized by safety industry, dominated by high-end equipment, electronic information, automobiles and core parts, and focused on ICT, new materials, new medicine and new energy. It has more than 2000 enterprises of all kinds, including nearly 500 enterprises above designated size. The innovation ecology is perfect. Xuzhou high tech Zone has settled in 8 colleges and universities of various types, with rich science and education resources and a strong innovation atmosphere. It has built more than 200 innovation platforms, including Xuzhou science and technology innovation Valley, Xuzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute, softcom power innovation complex, Hualu data Lake, Huaihai International Innovation Center, etc. The business environment is superior. We have implemented the three one approval policies of "one window for one thing, one day for one thing" and "one penny for one thing" for system settings. We have set up a total of 11billion yuan of special industrial funds for equipment manufacturing, electronic information, security technology, sensors, etc., of which the sensor industry investment fund reaches 3billion yuan. We have fully copied and promoted the approval and innovation policies of Zhongguancun and Shanghai free trade zone

Xuzhou high tech Zone will further play the leading role of planning, policy, talents and park agglomeration. 2.3 automatic calibration: the system can automatically calibrate the accuracy of indication With the promotion of science and technology, we will spare no effort to build a sensor and IOT industrial base with regional influence. Guided by improving the production range of high value-added alloy structural steel in the key application fields of sensors and IOT, taking the production and manufacturing of sensors and IOT industry as the breakthrough point, and taking investment attraction as the main focus, we will cultivate local sensor and IOT enterprises, introduce domestic and foreign sensor and IOT leading enterprises, improve the industrial environment, expand the industrial scale, and strive to form design, manufacturing, sealing and testing The system integrates the whole industry chain, breaks through a number of key technologies for sensor and IOT application, introduces 500 high-level talents, and forms an industrial scale of 10billion yuan. (liuyuqing)

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