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2019 Bangladesh corrugated box industry roadshow ended successfully on January, 2019, the Bangladesh corrugated box industry roadshow jointly organized by Reed Exhibitions China International Corrugated exhibition, Bangladesh printing and Packaging Association (BMSs) and Bangladesh garment accessories and Manufacturers Association (bgapmea) came to an end. The event was an unprecedented event. More than 20 well-known equipment suppliers at home and abroad and more than 240 local industry executives gathered together to exchange and interact, revealing a new corrugated market. Experts and industry executives also said at the meeting that they hoped to find new opportunities on the larger and more professional platform of 2019 China International corrugating exhibition at Shanghai New International Expo Center on April, 2019

2019 China International corrugating exhibition Bangladesh roadshow reveals a new market

the made in China 2025 Blue Book (2016) shows that under the influence of intelligent manufacturing technology application, changes in comprehensive manufacturing costs and other factors, the layout of the global manufacturing industry is gradually adjusted, and the transfer to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa and other regions with lower costs is accelerating. According to the statistics of the "boom" and "boom" s Association, which often appear in the tensile loading process of Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh accessories packaging manufacturers exporter, there are about 700 enterprises in corrugated box related industries in Bangladesh, mainly producing corrugated boxes, backboards, hangtags, labels, bar codes and other products. With the expansion of the garment industry, the export-oriented packaging industry is also expanding. At least 65% of the packaging raw materials and nearly 90% of the machinery in these industries are imported from India, China and European countries

the representative of Bangladesh printing and Packaging Association also said that the packaging industry in Bangladesh still has a promising prospect. Due to the rapid growth of local demand and the demand of exporters, the packaging industry will continue to expand in the next few years; In addition, Bangladesh has sufficient investment space in packaging raw material industries such as paper mills and petrochemical industries. Recently, the government has also included the packaging industry into one of the development priorities and launched a series of favorable measures, greatly increasing investment opportunities

going deep into the local market: participating in gapexpo -- China International Corrugated processing equipment zone of the printing and packaging Museum of Bangladesh International Sewing Equipment Exhibition on the morning of January 17-18, guests participated in the China International Corrugated processing equipment zone of the printing and packaging Theme Pavilion of the "garmentech" of Bangladesh International Sewing equipment exhibition, which was attended by more than 45000 professional visitors. It is understood that "Bangladesh International Sewing Equipment Exhibition" is an international exhibition organized by Bangladesh garment accessories and Manufacturers Association. The products, machinery and raw materials of garment accessories and packaging industry will be displayed on site

through the exchange and feedback with local packaging enterprises, associations and exhibitors, the development characteristics of Bangladesh market are as follows:

1 The pharmaceutical industry and textile industry drive the development of the packaging industry

Bangladesh's pharmaceutical industry is gradually achieving self-sufficiency in packaging, and the local packaging industry is growing at an annual rate of 10%. Most of the primary and secondary packaging purchased by pharmaceutical companies are from local manufacturers. Bangladesh is the world's second largest clothing exporter after China, mainly due to rising production costs and a shortage of skilled labor. Bangladesh is one of the main beneficiaries of the transfer of work orders from China

2. Special geographical location promotes the development of trade between countries

Bangladesh is a member of the South Asian Free Trade Area. Investment in Bangladesh can enjoy trade preferences in South Asia. Tariffs on most goods are less than 5%. As Bangladesh is a least developed country, its export products enjoy tariff free, quota free and other preferential trade treatment in Europe, the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia and other countries

3. There are few self owned brands, and the exclusive agency model has become the mainstream.

due to the backward industrial and commercial development of the country, there are few self owned mature brands in the market, and the main business scope is to act as an agent for imported brands. In order to reduce the increasingly fierce market competition, many manufacturers are very keen on the cooperation mode of "exclusive agency"

On January 18, the "2019 Bangladesh corrugated box industry dinner" hosted by Reed Exhibitions was solemnly held at emmerton Hotel, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Lu Yao, sebastianhoffmann, representatives of Reed Exhibitions China International Corrugated exhibition, Mr. Shahid serneabat, chairman of Bangladesh printing and Packaging Association, and MD. Abdul kader Khan, chairman of Bangladesh garment accessories and Manufacturers Association attended the summit and delivered speeches. Over 240 participants from the corrugated industry of Bangladesh advanced forming technology society were invited to the dinner to witness a historic night

subsequently, will Ren, a representative of Hubei Jingshan Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., and Bruce Zhang, a representative of Cangzhou Ruijie Carton Machinery Co., Ltd., two well-known industrial equipment suppliers from China, came to the stage to share the company's culture and product characteristics

in addition, 14 industrial equipment suppliers in China also took this opportunity to exchange cutting-edge information with local carton factory executives in Bangladesh, so as to promote the exchange and communication between the two industries' information and market demand

on the evening of the dinner, no matter the enterprise representatives of Bangladesh carton factory, the association representatives or the representatives of the participating domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises, everyone had a pleasant exchange and communication, sharing the market information and industry development trend of the corrugated box industry between China and Bangladesh. At the same time, local television stations in Bangladesh also participated in the reports and interviews, witnessing the success of the Bangladesh corrugated box industry dinner

factory visit

the rich and compact roadshow schedule runs through the activity.

on January 19, with the "2019 Bangladesh corrugated box dinner" drawing to a close, guests visited the packaging plants subordinate to two major textile groups in Bangladesh during the "factory participation" activity

Sans Packaging and Accessories industriesLtd.

Sans Packaging and Accessories industriesLtd., The company mainly produces corrugated box color box products, located in Dhaka

montrims Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Mondol group

mondol group, aims at the dream of digital Bangladesh. Mondol group, founded in 1991, is a group company integrating garment production, processing and packaging. The offset printing machines equipped in the factory are all from Germany (KBA or Heidelberg). Label cutting and folding machines and their corrugated equipment have been made in China. Now Mondol group has a corrugated production line purchased in China, so timely and accurate recording of the tensile force value of each experimental section plays a very important role in the success or failure of the experiment and is preparing to further expand its corrugated production line business

Bangladesh roadshow successfully concluded

this roadshow successfully concluded in a harmonious and friendly atmosphere. Adhering to the purpose of serving the global corrugated industry, Reed Exhibitions group has been covering the overseas market with copper wire in recent years; Promote, develop and help Chinese packaging and printing enterprises to promote global trade, especially in Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East and other emerging markets with development potential and market capacity. The global tour of China International corrugating exhibition will be a great opportunity for you to "understand the changes in overseas markets and effectively grasp future procurement needs". We look forward to your participation! On April this year, the 2019 China International corrugating exhibition is a high-quality platform for you to participate in the exchange and communication of the global corrugating packaging industry. The heads of Bangladesh printing and Packaging Association and Bangladesh garment accessories and manufacturers association also said that they would organize a group to watch the exhibition and fully support the five exhibitions in the same period, such as the 2019 China International corrugating exhibition, so as to build a bridge of friendly development for the communication between the corrugated packaging industries of China and Bangladesh

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