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2018 Russia international hardware tools exhibition time: November 6-9, 2018 exhibition venue: Moscow Ruby Exhibition Center, Russia Organizing Committee: euroexpo exhibition company exhibition cycle: once a year exhibition scope:

electric and pneumatic tools and consumables; Hand tools; Abrasive tools; Battery; Metal processing tools and machine tools; Wire, ceramic, pipe, plastic and other processing tools and equipment; Woodworking tools; Vehicle maintenance tools and equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and accessories; Measuring tools and test equipment; Instruments and Apparatuses; Electric welding machine and accessories; Garden tools and equipment; Forestry equipment; Transmission equipment and technology; Blasting equipment; Industrial cleaning; Thermal spray technology and surface treatment technology; Painting tools; Air compressor; alternator; a fastening; Tool box and packaging equipment in workshop or warehouse; blender; Laser cutting machinery; Moulds; Security system and equipment, work clothes and safety equipment; Fasteners and hardware products

introduction to the exhibition:

this exhibition has been held since 1998. Hosted by euroexpo, it is the largest and only professional international hardware tool exhibition in Russia. It is also the only professional hardware tool exhibition in all countries of the Eurasian Economic Union established on January 1, 2015. Its influence in Europe is second only to that of the Cologne Hardware Fair in Germany. Due to the intransigence between Europe, the United States and Russia on the issue of Ukraine and the singleness of Russia's economic system, the exhibition has increasingly become the only exhibition for China's hardware tool products to be exported to Russia and even the entire Eurasian Economic Union. In 2016, the exhibition was held in Moscow. Two of the exhibition halls were international pavilions. Among them, Robert Bosch and black&decker, the world's top tool purchasing and distributors, and 3M Russia, the top local purchaser in Russia, participated in the exhibition. Among them, the special booth of large Chinese enterprises was also arranged to be exhibited in the International Pavilion with them. A large number of Chinese enterprises from various industries participated in the exhibition

review of previous sessions:

in 2016, there were 405 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions, so their cost decreased by 30%, and the total exhibition area was nearly 16500 square meters. 30 also included many elements such as the expansion of control scope, shopping malls' echo, production cost, and more than 000 professional purchasers. In 2017, our company will continue to apply for space in international pavilions other than the China Pavilion for Chinese exhibitors, so as to give more competitive stages with international well-known tool exporters

market background:

Russia is located in the north of Eurasia and crosses two continents. Moscow industrial zone is the most developed area in Russia, mainly including automobile, aircraft, rocket, steel and electronics. Moscow, Russia, with a population of 170million, is the largest country in Eastern Europe

in recent years, Russia's economy has grown steadily, infrastructure investment has increased, building materials market demand is booming, and the demand for hardware tools is growing at an average rate of 10% every year. Russia has a solid foundation in the heavy industry and energy industry, while the hardware tool technology is weak and relies heavily on imports. China's hardware tool products will win more and more market share with the characteristics of low price and good quality. As Russia is dominated by heavy industry, most hardware tools are not produced by itself. In addition, Russia relies on oil and arms exports to achieve economic recovery. As long as the oil is about $80 a barrel, Russia has strong purchasing power. At the same time, as the only growth market with great potential in the world, Russia's trade with China is growing rapidly, and the popularity of Russia International Hardware Tools Exhibition in China is also rising rapidly. The oil black gold has made Russia richer and the infrastructure construction has developed rapidly. As the only growth market with great potential in the world, the trade between Russia and China is growing rapidly, and the popularity of this exhibition in China is also rising rapidly

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