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With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to home decoration, breaking the original simple decoration mode. More and more people pursue good quality and perfect decoration. Today, Xiaobian teaches you how to match the style of house decoration with ceramic tiles

decoration style matches with ceramic tiles

1. Fashionable simple style

fashionable simple style is the most common style of home decoration now, which is characterized by simplicity, lightness, practicality and generosity, and simplicity is the main style in design and layout. The tiles with this style should choose the light tone tiles with simple and elegant colors as much as possible, and the polished tiles with solid colors are very good

2. Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style has always been dominated by romance, with blue and white, and yellow and other colors in tone. The ceramic tiles matched with Mediterranean style decoration should be matte antique tiles, mosaic and other tiles that are most suitable

3. Modern European style

modern European style not only has the classical flavor of European style, but also has a modern sense of fashion, so in the choice of tiles, light tone white and other imitation marble tiles, imitation marble texture imitation stone tiles are the best choice

4. Classical European style

in China, there are not many families who like classical European style, but some people like the atmosphere and luxury of classical European style. Therefore, in classical European decoration, choose imitation stone tiles with soft color, uniform texture, meticulous and light sense. The color should not be too dark or light, and it is best to use medium tones such as yellow or light coffee

5. Pastoral style

pastoral style focuses on returning to nature, reflecting the vicissitudes of nature and the ancient texture. In the selection of tiles, you can choose imitation wood tiles or antique tiles with solid wood texture color as the main color, which has the effect of wood grain and reflects a kind of beautiful decoration style

6. Mix and match style

mix and match style generally pursues personality, so the matching of tiles can be casual. If it is in favor of simple style, you can choose light color system in the matching of tiles. At this time, you can match slightly exaggerated and complex imitation stone tiles, which can make the whole space not appear simple and empty due to unity

what is the common sense of decoration style and ceramic tile matching

1. In the light color style of the whole room, it can be considered to choose off white tiles to break the slightly flat feeling of the whole room. The bright surface refracts the light rays, which can add more interest to the indoor life, rather than leaving the whole indoor environment in a dull and single place.? The low-key luxury in the postmodern style is amazing. It represents fashion, but it is not limited to following the trend. It symbolizes quality, but it is not limited to high-profile luxury goods. It will make the dark glazed tiles deduce their own style, and tell the beauty of home in a low voice. The mottled surface and natural clear texture make antique wooden tiles more and more popular. The seemingly mottled appearance shows a natural and simple atmosphere everywhere, precipitating the warm and happy time of the family

2. If pure color tiles are gentle gentlemen, then the tiles with a sense of design are elegant royal nobles. The combination of different colors into specific or abstract patterns, a delicate and luxurious will flow indoors. Pure natural materials embody the sense of texture, stress the feeling of simplicity and nature, and reflect the vicissitudes of nature and ancient texture. It is also a popular practice in naturalism at present, such as local furniture made of ancient wood, which is closer to the breath of soil and nature. In the selection of ceramic tiles, we can consider the floors with strong solid wood sense, and decorative effects such as large flowers and tree knots. The color is mainly solid wood color. Such as maple, pine and other log effects, reflecting a clear and beautiful decoration style

3. The luxurious, dynamic and changeable visual effect in baroque style also absorbs the aesthetic and rhythmic detail processing elements in Rococo style, which is favored by the upper class. But simple European decoration (commonly known as simple Europe) is more suitable for Chinese people. Simple European decoration requires that as long as there are some European decoration symbols in it, colors and details can be used to foil the atmosphere. Such as roman columns and European doors. In the selection of ceramic tiles, the color is full, and the dark and elegant colors can reflect the European style to the greatest extent. Such as red sandalwood, yellow sandalwood, classical oak and other colors

summary: the above is the decoration style and ceramic tile matching content introduced by Xiaobian. I hope it can effectively help you. Please pay attention to more information




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