Huangmeitian also has advantages in decoration

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Although many experts do not recommend decorating houses in this season, people who need decoration in this season do not need to suffer from decoration phobia. Aijia believes that decoration in this season will also have some advantages:

key tips: Please note that it is "control" rather than "reduction"! To understand this, we must first understand what is "waste"

waste in home decoration mainly comes from the following reasons:

1. Waste caused by cheapness: that is, we bought some materials that are not suitable for us before decoration. Why? Because it's cheap. In fact, buying without considering practicality is a total waste

2. Too stubborn: if you identify a thing and buy it no matter how much it costs, the result is often that you invest too much in this item, causing other budgets to be affected. Even if you use this material, it will not be harmonious with other materials, and you cannot create a tacit and unified style. You really can't get good results with money

3. Repeated modification in the middle: many effects cannot be adhered to until the end by relying on a few photos of a magazine in the hands of customers. As we all know, it is a long waiting process from setting out to frame forming, then to surface treatment, and finally to accessories matching. It is difficult for non professional owners to adhere to the end, often when the structure is just built





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