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American style - four bedrooms and two living rooms

this 127 ㎡ four bedrooms and two living rooms American style home in Qingdao uses warm colored furniture to restore the realism of solid wood, and the harmonious beauty of the integration of body taste and home, showing elegance and composure. Gorgeous decoration creates a fascinating rural life

living room

the wine red cherry TV combination cabinet reflects the host's deep and stable personality. The transparent glass tea table reflects the high-quality home life

the master bedroom

takes the wardrobe to the top as the porch of the interval, creating a small cloakroom. The integrated combined bookcase is closely connected with the wardrobe, and an open clothing storage is set at the corner, so that you can find the clothes you want to wear on that day without spending time

second bedroom

landing side sliding door windowsill, so that the sun can better find in and warm the whole bedroom. Simple and practical bedside desk can instantly attract eyeballs without gorgeous appearance

children's room

the children's room is designed as a tatami bed, which is integrated with the wardrobe to reduce the occupation of space. There is also a storage space under the bed, making perfect use of every space


the imperial concubine style table foot design increases the overall appearance of the desk. The leather sofa with matching color is placed next to it, which shows a full texture


the gorgeous solid wood dining table and the exquisite carving of dining chairs all show the nobility in the ordinary. The multifunctional wine cabinet and small square storage box are just enough to hold a bottle of 82 year old red wine, so that the wine can also "live in peace"


the spacious kitchen is equipped with a windowsill with excellent daylighting, so that the warmth of the sun can also be seen indoors in the depths of the kitchen. The built-in cabinets and hanging cabinets arranged in parallel maximize the storage system of the kitchen

public bathroom

the bathroom area is designed to be dry and wet, and the messy but orderly blue patterns make the bathroom more vibrant. The bathroom cabinet beside the window is embedded in a 90 ° corner to make people warmer. Qingdao customized furniture, upper Deville mall www.dwejia Com customization hotline 400-8822-118




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