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Decoration is a big headache for owners, especially the owners who decorate for the first time. Because of their lack of decoration experience, they are easy to be confused by various rumors, and even fall into the misunderstanding of decoration. In order to let the owners worry free decoration, Xiaobian sorted out some decoration rumors to help the owners build a warm home

rumor 1: the door must be replaced. The quality door bought by the developer is very poor, and the lock cylinder is easy to break, which is easy to be stolen

when decorating, many owners will hear someone say that the door provided by the developer is not strong, the lock cylinder is easy to break, and be careful to be prized. Moreover, some decorators are dishonest, and they will provide backup when they take the key. In a word, change the door quickly. After hearing such nonsense, the inexperienced owner spent thousands of oceans to replace the gate. After moving, he found that others had changed the lock at most &hellip& hellip;

rumor 2: floor tiles are better than wooden floors. Tiles are easy to clean and have a long service life. You'd better buy Tiles

ceramic tiles do not need to worry about being wet by water or scratched by hard objects, but the feet of ceramic tiles are hard, cold, radioactive pollution, high cost, complex pavement and cumbersome construction; The wooden floor is not only beautiful, durable, comfortable, but also easy to construct. In addition, compared with ceramic tiles, wooden floors also give people a feeling of returning to nature

rumor 3: no taste is environmental protection

some owners think that as long as there is no pungent smell, it is very environmental protection, but they do not know that many radioactive gases are colorless and tasteless. Therefore, try to use environmentally friendly decoration materials. If conditions permit, it is best to invite a professional company to carry out environmental protection testing after decoration

rumor 4: open kitchen is good.

generally, small houses are decorated, and most kitchens are opened. Although this saves space, the problem of oil smoke at home is a big hidden danger. If you often cook at home, you will soon find that the walls of the kitchen and dining room will turn yellow. Therefore, owners who want to decorate an open kitchen need to consider carefully

rumor 5: wood flooring is easy to deform

with the change of seasons, it is normal for solid wood flooring to have thermal expansion and cold contraction. During installation, expansion joints are generally reserved in advance. After 1-2 years, the constant moisture content of solid wood flooring will be very stable

rumor 6: decoration materials have been changed secretly

if you have ordered a decoration company, you should also often go to the construction site to supervise the work, because you will always be warned to be careful about materials being changed secretly. In fact, choosing Changsha decoration company with high integrity, they have a professional construction team and a special supervisor, so they don't have to worry about such problems at all

rumor 7: summer is not suitable for decoration

the high temperature in summer and the fast drying of paint can shorten the construction period and help release harmful substances. In addition, there are many promotional activities in summer, and excellent designers and workers also have schedules, so they work more seriously and carefully

rumor 8: the larger and thicker the tiles, the better.

large size tiles are suitable for the decoration of living rooms and bedrooms. But it is not that the larger the specification, the thicker the better. The larger the specification, the weaker the resistance will be, and it will be easier to loosen. When selecting ceramic tiles, you can carefully check the surface. Generally speaking, the finer the ceramic tile particles, the higher the density, and the higher the damage resistance




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