The seven most taboo Feng Shui during the Lunar Ne

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Taboo 1: Central pollution

interpretation: refers to the central part of the house should not be used as a toilet

Feng Shui method

if the middle part of the house is used as a toilet, it is not like the accumulation of grass in the center of a person, and the servants are lucky or bad, and it is difficult to be ill. If the toilet is just in the middle of the house, it is not suitable to choose as a residence. If the toilet is not located in the core of the house, but it is located in the middle of the first half of the house, and it happens to take the small door to the front line, it is also not suitable to choose as a residence, which may lead to making money

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in fact, in the house type design with a reasonable pattern, the toilet should have an external window, even in order to facilitate the discharge of sewage gas. However, if the toilet is in the middle of the house, the air is not easy to flow. On the one hand, the aroma released in the toilet will affect the mood of the occupants. On the other hand, there may be harmful decay in the emissions, and the owner is prone to bed sickness

method: Mount Tai stone

placing Mount Tai stone is the most effective way to resolve

taboo 2: three taboos at the door

interpretation: the main door of the room should not be against the kitchen, toilet and sitting

Feng Shui saying

don't see the stove when you open the door, “ Open the door and see the stove, money is wasted ”. When he entered the door and saw the stove, he was so angry that he could get in

don't see the toilet when you open the door. It's like dirty gas when you see the toilet as soon as you enter the small door

don't open the door and see the couch. The door into the house is facing the master's bedroom. Since there are many people, it's dangerous and not conducive to scattering money

the air at home is cleaner than the outside world, and after entering the house from outside, you can't help carrying all kinds of crude bacteria. If the door is facing the kitchen, the breath of opening the door may blow the crude bacteria on your body into the kitchen. The kitchen is a heaven's recipe for cooking, so if you adhere to this pattern all year round, the owner is prone to breathing and eating diseases

if the door is facing the door, it will not be beneficial to clean the air in the bedroom. More importantly, if a mob enters the house, even the house servant will be damaged at the first time

method: Taomu Zhongbang solution

placing Taomu Zhongbang solution is the most important solution. According to different situations, we can choose Taomu Taiping bottle

taboo 3: empty and solid beside the bed

interpretation: “ Bedside enrichment ” It refers to that the bed is placed in the center of the house, or in a square space, not attached to the wall

Feng Shui saying

the bed is suitable to be placed in the corner of the bedroom, and the more sides against the wall, the more appropriate. Because the corner of the room is inclined to the door, it is the best place in the house to hide from the wind and dissipate the air, which is beneficial to the career and wealth of servants

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self study goes on to say that it is not easy for people to see the situation behind their heads when lying flat, so the head of the bed should be against the wall to prevent emptiness and reduce the sense of security. Especially when the bedside is full, there will be a lack of sense of security outside the subconscious, resulting in less dreams during the day, decreased sleep quality, and prone to energy depression at night

leaning against the wall at the head of the bed is one of the main ways to eliminate the hanging at the head of the bed. You can also install a bookcase at the head of the bed as a enrichment of the chemical system, but if you are excellent, don't put pure things at the bottom of the bookcase, so as to avoid forming a mental shadow and affecting the quality of sleep

don't four: the head of the bed is against the window

interpretation: the head of the bed is placed on the window or on the wall next to the window

geomantic saying

the window is where Qi enters and exits, so the head of the bed is close to the window, and the heart is difficult to rush. The self fruit on the bed can't see the window heart behind the head. It is easy to lack a sense of peace, forming an energy emergency and affecting health

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windows are like the eyes of a room, especially when going to bed during the day, the outside is bright, but the outside is bright. Or lie on your back or lean on your back. In such an environment, you will feel that you are stared out by your eyes, and you can't see the change of that dangerous place completely, which will cause your mouth to feel safe. In the other circle, the window is a sky circle with the weakest breath and light. The static image is very large, which affects sleep greatly. People's energy is easy to lose, so it is also very beneficial to the health of the body

method: ridicule the wind

placing the Third Prince of the Dragon ridicule the wind is the most important method of transformation

taboo 5: seat back window

interpretation: the office desk in the field may not be placed against the door and window, but against the wall

Feng Shui statement

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the first rule of good feng shui is “ Mountains are surrounded by water ”, Therefore, there must be a backer behind the seat to have a career conducive to workers

the so-called “ Backer ” Even if it is a wall, the seat should be absolutely against the wall, and there should be no too much space between the wall and the seat. The door is a necessary place for people to enter and exit. The doors and windows are both the air outlet of the mother office and the place to pay for air, including anger and evil spirit. If a person stands with his back to the door, the seat will not be attached first, and there will be pure angry blows coming and going behind his back

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in fact, if you rely on people's doors and windows, you will often hear people's footsteps, noise, and other noises disturb your career in your career. Moreover, it is easy to expose your farming process and even farming secrets to others' eyes. Maybe I'm frightened by unexpected sounds

even the external window downstairs, because there is light from the back, people feel that it is difficult to see

therefore, the chair with its back against the wall and the farm table facing the vast sky can ensure that you can see everything around you even when you look up at your career, which can help gather together the spirit. In addition, at present, it has a broad vision, and it also helps to broaden your mind when you bow your head and study for the exam


ridicule the wind

place Taishan stone or the Third Prince of the Dragon ridicule the wind to dissolve it

avoid six: door bed to mirror

interpretation: the shaking of field mirror women should be careful, not directly facing the door or the outer door, and not against the bed

Feng Shui saying

the mirror has no orthographic function. Under the majestic fire, whether the evil Qi is directed back, so it does not block the auspicious Sha. However, the mirror woman will shine Jisha chongke into the sitting room against the door, which brings bad luck. And the bed is not the place where you spend the least time out of your life, so there is no harm to the bed

uncover the secrets of science

when I open the door in a circle, I suddenly look out of the mirror. I'm easily frightened. Even if I'm not used to the status of a mirror woman, I'll be surprised if I don't get drunk, tired and other energy

in addition, the door of the room is the entrance to another vast highland, and the oncoming mirror will make people pay attention to the two sides one after the other. In the future, there will be no way to care for the other corner of the room. Less in the other living environment, it is not only easy to cause danger, but also may cause coarse mental illness. Especially when the mirror is facing the door, people get drunk in their sleep and are easily frightened by themselves reflected in the mirror or lowered window when they don't understand


cover the mirror with a cloth when it is not necessary

taboo 7: the stove is far away from water

interpretation: the stove should not be placed away from the water flow, but should be placed separately from the pool

majestic fire path method

the stove must hide from water, which has two meanings. First, because the stove takes the dishwashing basin and replaces the water and water in the middle of the five stops, don't put them close to each other, which should be separated from the slow flushing belt such as the vegetable cutting table, so as to avoid disharmony. If possible, other water-based appliances, such as carbon boxes, dishwashers and washing machines, should also be made not loose. Its owner, don't stand on the North back of the south, because the South belongs to water, so you should prevent water and fire from guarding your mouth

the stove must also hide from the wind. It is not suitable for the door and window. If it is under the dignity, it is difficult to cause the water to reverse and cause the danger of the wild house

uncover the secrets of science

the Dao method of stove as far away from water source is the same as that of other Feng Shui, which flows from modern China. In fact, that side can be explained with the most basic Chinese teaching questions

modern cooking uses coal ice as water flow, and the temperature when the ice is extinguished is not very low. When the fire splashes under the low-temperature ice, carbon monoxide will occur, and the unstable gas flow will easily make the coal not burned completely and produce carbon monoxide, forming gas external toxicity

method: Peach peace bottle

the best way is to hang the peach peace bottle





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